Food and Drinks

key benefits and applications of digital signage in the food and drinks industry

At Marvel LCDs we believe that everyone should be able to market their products in a digitally congruent manner. That’s why we’ve created a range of products that are designed to help you advertise the way you want while also making sure you feel as comfortable as possible during the process.

  1. Promoting products and specials: Digital signage can be used to promote new products, daily specials, or limited-time offers. By displaying visually appealing images or videos, digital signage can catch customers’ attention and entice them to make a purchase.
  2. Improving menu visibility: Digital signage can be used to display menu items, including pricing, ingredients, and nutritional information. This can help customers make informed decisions about what to order, as well as reduce wait times by providing an easy-to-read menu.
  3. Enhancing customer experience: Digital signage can provide entertainment or information to customers while they wait for their order. This can include displaying news, weather, or social media feeds.
  4. Streamlining order process: Digital signage can be used to display order numbers or names, reducing the need for customers to line up and wait for their order to be called.
  5. Creating a unique atmosphere: Digital signage can be used to create a unique atmosphere in a food or drinks establishment. For example, a coffee shop could display relaxing imagery or music to create a cozy and welcoming environment.
Overall, digital signage can be an effective tool for increasing sales, improving customer experience, and creating a unique atmosphere in the food and drinks industry.

Reduce the Wait Time

The use of digital signage can help reduce the wait time it takes for customers to get their order. Digital signage is a great way to grab attention and make a big impact on customers, clients, and passersby. Our customizable displays are perfect for attracting new customers and making a lasting impression on existing ones.

We offer solutions for everyone, regardless of your industry and target audience.

Supermarket and Shop Digital Display Solutions

Our digital signage solutions are perfectly mean for Shops ,Restaurants and Supermarket which can benefit from marketing menu or products promotion messages on digital displays. Advertise with us to reach new audiences.