OUTDOOR LED DISPLAY Brightness: 5000-8500nits

Size can be customized.


Product Details

Pixel pitch: 5, 6.67, 8 ,10 ,16;Refresh rate: 1920-3840 Hz ; Brightness: 5000-8500nits ; Cabinet Size: 960mm*960mm; Used in outdoor advertising media, cultural tourism, sports venues, commercial squares, railway station squares, airports, pedestrian streets, stations, subways, leisure terminals, exhibition halls and other places

Designed for convenience, our modules, power supply, and receiving card can be maintained from the front or rear, reducing your maintenance costs.

Adopt top high brightness with low power consumption LED lamp, energy saving≥30%, if adopting main patent technique, entire energy saving ≥50%

Front protection level IP65 Rear protection level IP54

“This display features a dark, black surface that is both firm and flat, with anti-UV components ensuring that the screen retains its shape. It comes with a reliable power supply and control system, and includes a backup solution for added assurance. Optional camera integration is available. Connectivity options are diverse, including LAN cable, 4G, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet, to support multiple data transmission methods. This versatile screen is suitable for a wide range of applications in various settings.”

Outdoor LED Display Specifications| Lifetime | 100,000 hours || Protection Grade | IP65/IP54 |

Woking voltage AC110~240V(50/60Hz)
Contrast 250.0006944
Picture frame rate ≥60
Working temperature(℃) -20~50
Working humidity(RH) 10~80%
Stored temperature(℃) -20~60
Stored humidity(RH) 10~85%


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  1. Tammy Peterson

    Good OED factory with ability for customized project,looking forward working with Marvel again!

  2. Hector Quintanilla

    Very Professional supplier both in quality and service,reliable and fast response

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